Optic Disc and Optic cup Detection

Segmentation of retinal anatomical features such as optic disc (OD) and optic cup, the brightest area embedded in OD, is a prerequisite for computer-aided diagnosis and follow-up of a glaucomatous process. For example, Cup-to-disc area ratio (CDR) is computed for glaucoma assessment. In this study, we attempt to provide a segmentation system to extract OD and cup.


Retinal image dataset

This database has been established by a collaborative research group to support comparative studies on automatic optic disc and optic cup segmentation. The database will be iteratively extended and the webpage will be improved. If you are using our database to evaluate your methods, please cite our papers mentioned in this webpage and in the medical image processing section.

To get datasets please email to Dr. Ghassabi ( z.r.ghassabi@gmail.com)


Conference Papers: