Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision

Digital Image Processing- Fall 2013
Dr. Jamshid Shanbehzadeh
  • Digital Image Processing (3rd Edition), Rafael C. Gonzalez, Richard E. Woods.
  • Digital Image Processing using Matlab


Chapter 1 - Introduction (PPT1)
Chapter 2 - Digital Image Fundamentals (PPT2)
Chapter 3 - Intensity Transformations and Spatial Filtering (PPT3)
  • Signals and systems (PPT4)
  • Image Transformations (PPT5)
Chapter 4 - Filtering in the Frequency Domain (PPT6)
Chapter 5 - Image Restoration and Reconstruction (PPT7, PPT8, PPT9, PPT10)
Chapter 6 - Color Image Processing (PPT11)
Chapter 7 - Wavelet and Multiresolution Processing (PPT12)
Chapter 8 - Image Compression (PPT13)
Chapter 9 - Morphological Image Processing (PPT14, PPT15, PPT16)
Chapter 10 - Image Segmentation (PPT17, PPT18)
Chapter 11 - Representation and Description (PPT19)
Chapter 12 - Object Recognition (PPT20, PPT21)
What is computer vision? (word1, word2)
Edge Detection (ppt 1),(ppt 2), Assignments (exercise1)
Image Segmentation (ppt 3), Examples (rar 1)
Hough Transform (ppt 4)
Chapter 9 - Morphological Image Processing (ppt5, ppt6, ppt7)
Chapter 11 - Representation and Description (ppt8)
Local Interest Points (ppt9)
Lecture 06 - Computing Optical Flow (ppt10)
Lecture 07 - Pyramids (ppt11)
Lecture 10 - KLT Tracking (ppt12)
Mean Shift Tracking (ppt13)
Feature Selection (ppt14)
Fundamental Matrix (ppt15)


Notes (Edited by M.Fatemi, N. Gholizadeh, Dr. Ghassabi)