Feature-based Retinal image registration

Image registration is the process of aligning two or more images taken at different times, from different viewpoints and by different sensors. For this purpose, the feature correspondences are first established between two images and then a geometric alignment is performed using those correspondences. Accurate and real-time retinal image registration (RIR) is still a challenging problem in presence of high resolution, small overlapped, large morphological and intensity changes, low contrast and unhealthy retinal images. Motivated by the need for efficient RIR, the main contribution of this research is the development of automatic frameworks that tackle in a general and principled way the problems arising in the construction of multimodal, temporal and different field of view RIR systems. 

Dr. Z. Ghassabi,

Optic Disc and Optic cup Detection

Segmentation of retinal anatomical features such as optic disc (OD) and optic cup, the brightest area embedded in OD, is a prerequisite for computer-aided diagnosis and follow-up of a glaucomatous process. For example, Cup-to-disc area ratio (CDR) is computed for glaucoma assessment. In this study, we attempt to provide a segmentation system to extract OD and cup.